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Home Remedies for Acne and Pimples - Effective Natural Acne Treatment and Cure

Home Remedies and Natural Treatments for Acne and Pimples

People with oily skin are more prone to acne than any other type of skin. Acne is an inflammatory skin disease that triggers uncomfortable skin eruptions that occurs when the pores of the skin become clogged with oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria. If this oil becomes trapped, bacteria multiply in the follicle and the skin becomes inflamed. Whether you suffer from painful cystic acne, the most severe type of acne, or the occasional small breakout, these annoying pimples can be an embarrassment for you.

Best Home Remedies to Reduce Acne and Pimples

Before you clean out your wallet on over-the-counter medications, here are some excellent remedies for acne and pimples you can try at home. If you are looking for quick overnight pimple home remedies, try the following home remedies for acne and get clear skin naturally.

1. Toothpaste serves as the best acne treatment. Toothpaste remedy can help to reduce the swelling of your pimples. If your face feels swollen, apply toothpaste on your pimples before going to bed. Keep it overnight and wash it with water in the morning. The main principle behind toothpaste as the pimple treatment is it can ward off bacteria and absorb the oil around the pimple when used like a topical ointment.

2. A honey and cinnamon mixture is a popular natural treatment for acne and pimples. Make a paste by mixing 3 tablespoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder. When this paste is applied on the affected areas and left over night, cures acne. This home remedy serves as a therapeutic natural cure for cystic acne.

3. Orange Peel is also one of the best home remedy for acne treatment. Orange peel can be pounded with water to a pulpy consistency and applied directly to the acne affected area. Orange peels are mildly acidic in nature and will help cleanse the pimple area by eliminating bacteria.

4. Another excellent homemade acne treatment is garlic. Garlic is beneficial in the treatment of cystic acne. Cut a garlic clove and apply juice directly on the pimple area. Do this several times a day to cure acne naturally.

5. Cucumber is one of the proven home remedies to treat and prevent acne breakouts. Grate cucumber or grind cucumber to a paste and apply this on the pimple area .Cucumber also helps to reduce inflammation. Cucumber can be your solutions to home remedies for acne scars. Use this home remedy daily for better results.

6. Another home treatment to get rid of acne is to use an acne mask made out of tomatoes and cucumbers. Blend cucumber and tomato pulp in olive oil to make a fine paste. Apply  the mask and leave on for about 30 minutes daily. This remedy will prevent future acne break outs. Use tomato cucumber acne mask twice a week as a natural treatment for acne scar, and you will see definite improvements to your skin condition.

7. Acne can be treated naturally with parsley applied topically to the acne-prone areas. Make parsley paste by grinding fresh green parsley in some water and apply on affected parts. Then let it sit for about fifteen to twenty minutes then rinse with warm water.

8. If you are looking for a free acne home remedy then you can't beat green tea. The natural anti-bacterial properties of green tea can be effective to treat acne breakouts. Use cooled green tea as a wash to treat dark spots and acne. Green tea acne cream can also be helpful for cystic acne treatment.

9. Aloe vera gel is soothing, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial. You can apply some fresh aloe vera gel to the acne lesions to get rid of acne naturally. Aloe vera is an effective cystic acne natural remedy that aid in reducing the redness and inflammation or swelling from the cystic acne.

10. Ginger has been recognized as a popular home remedy for treating acne. Ginger has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, which are great for warding off acne. Just extract some juice from the ginger and apply some on the affected area.

11. Mix some lemon juice with rose water. Then apply to your skin with cotton ball and leave the skin for 30 minutes. After this rinse it with water. This is a very effective home remedy to get rid of acne and pimples.

12. One of the most effective natural acne solutions is the use of the raw papaya.  The papaya fruit contains an enzyme, papain, which has been proven to treat and heal swollen acne. You just need to mash some papayas and apply the paste as acne mask. Papaya cures pimple and acne, and also helps prevent future outbreaks.

These home remedies for acne are all natural and very affordable, which will surely suit everyone's budget. Try any of these home remedies for acne, and get rid of your acne skin problems naturally and effectively.

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