Eyes Feel Tired: Best Home Remedies to Relieve Tired and Strained Eyes Fast

Relieve Tired and Strained Eyes Fast

If you lead a busy life, tired looking eyes come with the territory. Tired eyes can make you look older and generally worn out. In this condition, along with puffiness around the eyes, a person also suffers from heaviness in the head. Your eyes may become strained and tired due to computer use, reading, watching TV or driving. You don't need fancy, expensive eye drops to get rid of tired puffy eyes. There are so many home remedies to relieve eye puffiness and make eyes feel soothed and comforted.

Home Remedies for Tired Looking Eyes

There is a number of relaxing home remedies that might help ease sore eyes. Following are a few home remedies to get rid of eye strain and soreness.

1. Sleeping is perhaps the best home remedy to soothe tired eyes and eye bags. You must sleep at least 6-7 hours a day to reduce exhaustion and tiredness.

2. If your eyes feel tired, soak two cotton pads in ice water and apply to your closed eyelids for few minutes. Cold will help constrict the blood vessels and reduce eye puffiness.

3. Place a small amount of boric acid in 2 cups of boiling water. Let it cool and use the solution with eyecups to wash the eyes for quick relief. This remedy also cleans the eyes.

4. Soak cotton balls in rose water and apply on your sore eyes to soothe painful tired, dry, irritated, and strained eyes. It also lightens your dark circles also.

5. Place some cold, fresh cucumber slices on the strained eyes for a few minutes. If your eyes still feel tired, repeat with fresh cucumber slices. Cucumber's cooling properties can calm the burning sensation of the eyes. This remedy is also best for removing dark circles.

6. Eyes often show stress and aging first, so staying properly hydrated is your best line of defense. Make sure you drink at least the eight recommended glasses of water a day.

7. Frozen tea bags are yet another remedy to experiment with if you have tired looking and strained eyes. Tea bags placed over the eyes will relax and moisturize them and helps remove puffiness, dark eye circles, and eyestrain.

8. Olive oil helps in relieving your strained eyes. Apply olive oil on your eyelashes and go off to sleep. This relaxes your eyes and helps in relieving your eye soreness.

9. If you are suffering from tired feeling eyes, and have sore eyes due to lots of work or stress rinse your face with cold water a few times a day. This remedy will add moisture to the skin around eyes and also reduces the inflammation around eyes.

10. Lavender oil can help relieve the feeling of tiredness in your eyes and strained eyes. In a bowl of water, add a few drops of lavender oil. Dip two cotton wool pads in this solution and place on the eye lids.

11. Put a strawberry into the fridge and leave it on for some time. Now place the strawberry on closed eyelids for 15 minutes. It reduces the swelling, under eye puffiness and heals your tired looking eyes.

12. Cold metal spoons will be beneficial if your eyes feel tired. Place two metal spoons in the freezer until cold, and then place them on top of closed eyes for instant refreshment.

These are some of the best home remedies that you can use to help soothe and prevent strained, tired, and puffy eyes.